About....The artist!
Name: Melissa P. (not telling real last name, although that is the real initial) AKA: Yanagi-San
Age: 22
Birthday: September 5th
Height: 5'3
Weight: 225? 245? (I don't look that heavy though...)
Blood Type: ????
Hair: Dishpan blonde/ light brown
Eyes: Greyish blue (think cadet blue if you're familiar with crayola...)
Occupation: Technically employed, but off work fighting a Work Comp. case. *bleaaackh*
Marital Status: Dating Exclusively
Favorites: The color blue- cerulean especially, cats, Manicotti, marshmallow fluff, anything vanilla scented or flavored, butter toffee, flan pocky, all Japanese food- especially tuna sushi, drawing, swimming, reading, the rain, overcast days, having sex *grin*, making people happy, giving gifts, receiving gifts, playing video games- especially RPGs, Anime, Manga, web comics, computer repair, poetry, and writing in general.
Dislikes: religously sullen people, heights, the heat, hot days, sleeping alone (without my boyfriend!!!;_;) girls who are too thin for their own good, guys who are too thin for their own good, shallow people, cheaters (like on spouses. I can't STAND it! Biggest pet peeve! Never actually happened to me though...), solicitors, having so many pop up ads come up that they crash your computer, spam mail, preachy people, close minded people, rap and country music, and round cars.

Note: I've been drawing anime since 5th grade, and drawing in general my whole life. Learning to draw is hard, but it also takes LOTS of practice. I suggest learning how to copy (freehand) pre-existing pictures, memorize and learn how to draw from memory pre-existing characters, then develop your own. As for character development, all characters start out 2D (meaning 2 basic personality traits) but those are your steps to build from. Eventually, characters take on a life of their own, and almost become real people for you! They'll seem to write themselves.

If you are interested in my drawing methods, visit my online tutorial site at: Uchi no ART
That's me!
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