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Webcomics I enjoy daily, and other web comics that I enjoy on a semi-regular basis! ^_-

Kevin and Kell

A story about a wolf and a rabbit who get married, how they make their mixed up families unite, and their adventures in animal society. There is also a very cute carnivorous bunny and other strange characters!

Updated daily.

Sexy Losers

Nothing can really describe this's about a couple of "losers" and their sex lives. There are numerous characters and a couple of intertwining yet separate story lines involving them. It is very good, and very Hentai.

Updated every Friday

Acid Reflux

The story of God, who was given a universe for her birthday, which unfortunately, was a hand-me down from her older sister, who had screwed it up. Now, God has been knocked into her universe, and must set everything back the way it should be.

This comic is great, but the updating time is really slow due to the artists busy college life.

Unicorn Jelly

As the artist herself puts it, " Unicorn Jelly is a philosophical science fiction manga strip which tells a metaphoric and purpsoseful story with a definitive beginning and ending." It is about a jelly named Uni, who becomes unicorn-like, and the tale of his owner and friend, Lupiko, and her adopted daughter Chou as they carry out their not-so-ordinary lives in a not-so-ordinary-world.

Updated Monday - Friday

Okashina Okashi -Strange Candy-

This comic is about a boy, who really wanted his own harem. And like in any manga, he gets his wish, at a cost! His "harem" members all come from different places in the same world and are transported (with lots of FOOM-ing) to his own. Now the girls are angry, and trying to find a way back home, with some wacky side-trips!

Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

S.S.D.D- Poisoned Minds

This is a pretty twisted comic done by an British guy with a twisted sense of humor. It's about a fox, his (ultra-sex-crazed) girlfriend, a VERY scary anarchist rabbit that likes to blow things up (Gives me the chills! Brrr!) and a junkie hare. Lots of crazy things happen- including a trip to the future, time travel, getting really stoned/ drunk, and paradoxes! It's great for a laugh!

Updates every Monday & Friday, and you can even get it delivered to your inbox!

Magical Boys

A silly twist on the shoujo "magical girls" genre of manga and anime. A group of boys are summoned to Ymir to battle an evil sorcerer. However, girls should have been summoned! Full of good art, and great humor!

Updates infrequently. Check back to the site often for update info.

Jamie and Nick

A story of 2 guys, Jamie and Nick, trying to lead ordinary lives when their lives are meant to be anything but ordinary! Fighting the food devil, spam weaponry- will the wonders ever cease?! Did I mention the devastating can of spam?
Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


A story about a bunch of "characters" and the god who created them (IE: The artist) This comic is the most creative strip I've seen yet, and it continues to break the rules of comics.

Updated daily.

No Need For Bushido

The tale of a runaway bride-to-be, and her encounter with a samurai who has the incredible ability to have his plans totally backfire on him. A must see!

Updated on a spastic basis.

Elf Only Inn

A comic catering to an untouched demographic- chat rooms. Come join some people who shouldn't be in an "Elf Only Inn" who are there anyway. Lots of fun! If you haven't read this, you live under a rock. A rock I say!
Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday


A witty online sprite rip comic that features several popular 8-bit Nintendo Characters (Pit, Mario, Strider, Samus, etc.) that hang out in a pub, and odd things happen to them daily. (Like Riddely being the barkeep's brother?!)

Updated spastically.

Yanagi-San's Link Exchange!

Shonen Chikara

A manga about boys in skirts beset upon by a smelly old man to save the earth from Girl Power by using Boy Power. Another well-done mahou shoujo spoof!

Tang's Weekly

As far as I can see, a comic about everything and anything that concerns different returning characters. (Actually, I read his other comic, Sunday Morning Coffee) so I have a legit reason that I don't know. But he linked to me, and his art is very nice. By nice, I mean round and appealing to the eye. But that's just me! So go read it!

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic

As the title banner puts it: "Tentacle monsters and the women that love them!"

The Lounge

What happens when your father falls ill and he leaves you in charge of the family anime/video game store? You become Italy, a young girl who suddenly has to manage a business without knowing anything about it. Meet her and her "friends" as they handle running a business, customers, and strange people that pop up out of nowhere from Italy's past!

Bin of Insanity

A cutely drawn story of 4 very different roommates and their adventures in everyday (and not-so-everyday) life.