Welcome to the omake section! Here you can find wonderful little "Extras" pertaining to PSC. Check back often, as this page might be updated a bit more frequently than the main one, and not at the same time as the main one! ^_^ Enjoy!
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PSC Anime Omake #1
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~Last updated 3/26/2002 (Artist's Rambling Pad page updated! Also, the mock PSC anime ending is fixed...after months of not knowing it was broken! Thanks Barkow-San! ^^ )~
Download the mock PSC ending! It moves! there's credits! There's an actual Ending theme! ("Love is Fire" by Masami Okui) It's in Realplayer format, though. Gomen! It's the only way I could compress the 28 MB file it came out to be!!! Get the ending HERE.
Get Realcrap, er, Realplayer HERE for free.Trust me, it's free.