Digi-Auri & Digi-Sephia
Digi-Auri and Digi-Sephia are add on files for a program called Neko 98. (It also works on Win ME, 2000, XP, etc.) So you can have, instead of the cat that comes with the program, a little chibi Auri, or Sephia who runs around on your desktop, and follows your mouse when she wants to. (or if you choose) Once she catches up to it, she does something really kawaii, like a victory cheer, or jumps up and down, and then something really crazy happens! (Auri drinks herself into a  stupor and passes out, and for *some* reason, Sephia's clothes all fall off.) Download it freely, but It's my hard work, so please don't take credit for it, ok? ^_^
Add on file: Auri
The Neko98 base program
Add on file: Sephia