Name: Aurianna Via Brennan (AKA: "Auri")

Age: 24

Birthday: August 28th

Weight: 121

Height: 5'4

Bloodtype: B+

Likes: Neon colors, the color blue, rainy nights, makeup, turning men on, making other women jealous, taking risks, driving fast, fast cars, drinking, swimming, fishing, rich men, cream soda, flirting, being "hit on", anything mint flavored, ice cream, the smell of musk, reading, and working on computers. 

Dislikes: Washing anything, pets, getting dumped, getting turned down, dry grass, nail biting, stupid or ignorant people, weddings, old fashioned dresses, cigar smoke, carrots, asparagus, brussel sprouts, jelly beans, kiwi, and being bored.