Sephia- The main character. She is very shy when it comes to sexual things, and it causes a problem between her and her husband.
Auri- Sephia's Best friend. She's a wild party animal who's main objective in life is to be drunk, and get laid. Whatever the case, she makes for a surprising sidekick.
Nick- Sephia's husband. He's kind, sensitive, but he never pays much attention to the world around him. Otherwise, he'd know what was going on!
Waipuo- The grandmother of Chun-Mei and Kun-Mei. She runs the Happy Flower Drugstore, and constantly tries to put sephia and Auri out of business.
Chun-Mei- Granddaughter of Waipuo, cousin of Kun-Mei. She is super strong, and super shy. She helps her grandmother run the drugstore, and seems to have feelings for another very important character...
Kun-Mei- Granddaughter of Waipuo, cousin of Chun-Mei. She has the ability to summon weapons on command, and she usually uses them on other women! All women are "competition" to her, and she loves to "date".
Chael- A College student who wound up being "hired" part-time by Auri and Sephia. She is semi-shy, naive, and a bit of a bookworm. She is extremely self-conscious, and almost always nervous. Her gimmick in the store is to wear lingere, as opposed to Sephia and Auri's fetish gear.
Side Characters
Nick's Friend- He isn't named as of yet, he works at the same Jewelery store as nick, and is almost a pervert. He is the only person to go out on a second, even third date with Kun-Mei.
Shei She Wa Sho- This is Waipuo when she was younger.